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How Can Homeowners Prepare Their Space for a New Furnace Installation?

New furnace installation can be an exciting task, promising warmth and comfort in your home during chilly seasons. However, this process involves more than just picking out a new unit. Proper preparation can ensure a seamless and efficient furnace installation in Chestermere. In the below lines, we’ll unveil the steps homeowners can take to prepare their space for a new furnace. From clearing the way for technicians to addressing safety concerns, understanding these preparations will help you make the most of your investment.

Furnace Installation

1. Clear the Pathways:

Before the installation day, clear the path to your furnace area. Remove any clutter, furniture, or obstacles that could hinder technicians’ access to the old furnace and the installation site for the new one. This simple step can significantly expedite the process.

2. Ensure Proper Ventilation:

Good ventilation is crucial for your furnace’s performance and safety. Ensure that the area around your furnace is well-ventilated and free of obstructions. Adequate airflow allows the furnace to function efficiently and helps prevent carbon monoxide buildup.

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3. Check for Obstructions:

Inspect the area around your old furnace for any obstructions like boxes, stored items, or debris. These can not only hinder the removal of the old unit but also pose safety risks during installation.

4. Protect Valuables:

Take the time to protect valuable items in the vicinity of your furnace. Dust and debris generated during installation can settle on surfaces and belongings. Cover or move sensitive items to prevent potential damage.

5. Secure Pets:

On the furnace installation day in Chestermere, secure your pets in a safe and comfortable area away from the installation site. It not only prevents them from getting in the way but also keeps them safe from any potential hazards.

6. Communicate with Technicians:

Clear communication with the installation technicians is vital. Discuss any specific requirements or preferences you have for the installation. Be sure to inform them of any peculiarities about your home, such as tight spaces or challenging access points.

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7. Make Space for New Components:

If your new furnace comes with additional components, such as a humidifier or air purifier, ensure there’s adequate space for these additions. Clear nearby areas to accommodate these components. They are integral to your HVAC system’s overall performance.

8. Address Safety Concerns:

Safety is paramount during furnace installation. Ensure that fire and carbon monoxide detectors are in good working order. In addition, have fire extinguishers nearby and ensure your home’s emergency exits are accessible. However, call professionals like ours to ensure safety. We make safety checks and then install the new furnace. Hence, contact us!

9. Plan for Cleanup:

After the installation is complete, there will likely be some cleanup required. Have cleaning supplies to tidy up the installation area and remove dust or debris.


Preparing your space for a new furnace installation in Chestermere is not just about making the process smoother for technicians like us. It’s about ensuring the long-term efficiency and safety of your heating system. However, call us as we have kept the pricing highly competitive. And our team happily installs various brands on request.

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